Glow4M For Skin types V to VI – Double injections Set Monthly subscription price


✓Contains 12 double injections of natural supplements

✓ Each double injection contains 1200mg of glutathione + 500mg of vitamin C to be taken as IV or IM injection

✓ Each double injection (under medical supervision & according to local regulations) enables to maximize the whitening effects with the highest rate of absorption

✓ helps to purify the skin, boost immune system and has other proven benefits

✓ Simple dosage of 12 double injections for 1 month (3 every week)

✓ Monthly subscription not renewed automatically with reminder 1 week before for a total recommended period of 2 months for skin phototypes V or  3 months for skin phototypes VI.

✓ 24/7 support included

✓ Shipping with tracking included